Talfel Inc. Precious Metals Exchange

Talfel Inc. is one of the leading precious metal dealers in Southern California. Located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry district, Talfel Inc. has been in the precious metal industry since 2004.


We pride ourselves on our fast and reliable service, competitive pricing and accurate results that we offer to our valued customer. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology in testing equipment to ensure accuracy and guarantee a fair an accurate return. There is no lot too large or too small and we welcome our customers to witness the melting process and receive a same day settlement.

Talfel inc. is a proud member of the N.P.A (National Pawnbrokers Association), C.A.P.A (California Pawnbrokers Association) and the Jewelry Board of Trade.

We not only sell gold, silver and platinum, we buy your scrap and offer up to 99% same day settlement.